Dog Walking Guide


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You love your dog, but sometimes it is challenging to go on walks with him or her.

Does your dog pull excessively on walks or bark a bit much? Is your dog over excited as soon as you go out the door on your walks?

Sometimes, it may seem to be more work than you thought to go on a walk with your.

You see other people walking their dogs, and they are calm and listen.

You think “why can’t my dog be calm like that?”

No worries, I am here to help!

With the Dog Walking Guide:  A Blueprint To More Enjoyable Walks and A Better Relationship With Your Dog you will:

  • learn how to have an enjoyable walk with your dog
  • see how to get your dog ready for the walk
  • learn the best treats to use on your walk and why they are important
  • receive a dog walking schedule to make sure you don’t miss any walks
  • receive a pre-walk checklist and during walk reminders
  • receive after the walk questionnaire to identify where you may need to focus next time
  • receive dog walk notes for the week to keep you on track



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