Are you tired of your dog pulling your arm off everytime you go for a walk?

Are you getting tired of replacing your leash from your dog chewing on it?

Are you exhausted from the constant jumping?

I work with exhasuted dog parents everyday to bring back their sanity and joy.

Let’s get you and your dog back on track!

I coach clients one on one virtually week by week to work through their sspecific issues with their dog.

Work with Me

 If you are needing more help with your dog then I offer one on one coaching virtually.

Such issues I can help you with:

pulling on leash

chewing on the leash



To work together on just one issue for an hour with access to me via e-mail for a week is $150.

Kristine really helped me learn about my what my dog is thinking and how the behaviours she was displaying are simply her reaction adn instincts. She helped me realize that I can help my dog by changing the things I was doing with her. She is a joy to work with and really understands how to help.

Michelle Augimeri

Are you prepared for your next dog walk?

  • Checklist of the supplies you need for your walk with examples of each
  • High value and low value dog treat examples
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